Thu 26 May 2005


Not Quite Bernadette will be cancelling all further plans. We'd like to thank every single amazing person who has made the last three years so incredible; whether you let us sleep on your floor and hang out, talked to us after a show, bought some of our... Read More
Mon 07 Mar 2005

New Songs

Hello everyone! So we put up five new tracks for streaming over at! Please keep in mind that these are all demos we recently recorded ourselves, so the quality isn't quite up to par with our other available music.... Read More
Fri 18 Feb 2005

Show Tomorrow Canceled

Unfortunately, we will not be playing tomorrow at Mesa Amp after all. The show has, sadly, been cancelled. We will have a couple more show announced soon though, honestly! For those of our friends in Utah and NM, our best buds in The Stiletto Formal will... Read More
Mon 14 Feb 2005

Happy V-Day!

Hello to all you lovely people out there! Happy Valentine's Day, or Single's Awareness Day, whichever you choose to celebrate (if either)! We hope all of you have had your year start off well with two wonderful months, as we have. We can't thank all our... Read More
Thu 06 Jan 2005

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Just wanted to clear up with everyone that, unfortunately, we will NOT be playing anywhere tomorrow (Friday, Jan 7th). We apologize to everyone who was hoping to see us tomorrow, but our good friends Mexico Mexico (all the way from Arkansas)... Read More
Tue 28 Dec 2004

Rest Of Tour Canceled Due To Van Breaking Down, New Band Member & More News

Happy Holidays everyone! So we have some very unfortunate news. We regret to inform you all that we have to cancel the last leg of our tour with The Stiletto Formal and Mexico Mexico due to our van breaking down. Fortunately, it happened at a convenient... Read More
Thu 02 Dec 2004

Thanks For Coming Out

Thank you so much to everyone who came out and made the AIDs Awareness Benefit last night such a wonderful success! We really appreciate all of your support, and would of course like to thank the Chandler High School AV Club for putting on such a wonderful... Read More
Mon 29 Nov 2004

Sorry For Lack Of Updates! Lots Of News...

Ah, so it's been almost a month since this has seen an update! I apologize, we were on the road for such a great period that time tends to lose all meaning. Anyway, that last tour was incredible and we just had so many awesome shows and met so many awesome... Read More
Sun 31 Oct 2004

Happy Halloween! New Songs Available

Happy Halloween everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that our two newest recorded songs from the Americopa Mantle Volume 1 Compilation are available for play at our PureVolume site. Also, last night was our last date on the road with Chiodos and... Read More
Wed 13 Oct 2004

Changes To The Site

Whoop Whoop! So before we head out to take over the country with Chiodos and Portugal. The Man, I just want you all to know that some changes have been made around the site. Check out the band page for an updated bio, bios for each band member (so you... Read More

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