Sun 31 Oct 2004

Happy Halloween everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that our two newest recorded songs from the Americopa Mantle Volume 1 Compilation are available for play at our PureVolume site. Also, last night was our last date on the road with Chiodos and Portugal. The Man, and it was amazing. We can't thank those two incredible bands enough for taking us along and being the greatest guys ever. Don't worry though, the fun doesn't stop here as we will still be out on the road for another three weeks. Check out the songs on purevolume, and we'll see you all at the shows! Hope you all had a great weekend and stayed safe. And remember, VOTE ON TUESDAY! Your vote really, honestly, truely DOES count and WILL make a difference. So please get out to the polls, and take some friends with you while you are at it! Take Care. <3<3<3